Is your spouse’s snoring keeping you up at night? Could be a medical issue.

Is snoring something that you hear and think nothing of? Did you know that some people that snore are actually at high risk of developing sleep apnea?

This is a medical condition in which you momentarily stop breathing while you sleep. Over time it can cause a ton of complications.

But don’t worry there are solutions for this. You can buy a medical appliance or device that opens up the airway in the throat area.

These are different from the standard CPAP devices that doctors commonly prescribe.

Here in the US there has been lots and lots of research over the years about what the consequences of snoring truly are.

But many organizations all over the world are following suit on this worthwhile health care initiative.

For example, the Sleep Council over in the UK has spear headed an initiative. See this Tweet below. You might be shocked to learn this cool fact.

There are many medical organization and resources you can reach out to just like the one above that might be great resources if you aren’t able to see your primary care doctor quickly enough.

Another issue plaguing the united states health care system in the amount of time it takes in days to be able to get in and see your doctor. This is something we have looked into very much.

That is however another topic for another day. This issue however might be able to be solved by purchasing a small devices like the ones mentioned above.

It sure beats having to wear a machine strapped to your face that forces air into your throat. These are sometimes referred to as a air treatment appliance.

If you have never seen one, take a look at this video below.

Its also worth nothing that these machines require maintenance and cleaning. Some people forget to do this. This is bad because it can lead to other diseases and conditions from all of the germs.

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