Medical conditions directly or indirectly related to snoring

If you ask someone random walking down the street, they will tell you that snoring isn’t dangerous. Its just something annoying that

Most common people don’t know how is snoring related to sleep apnea. In fact most people have never heard of sleep apnea all together.

This is what makes this condition super dangerous. While it is true that common people don’t have a whole lots of medical knowledge outside of cough level conditions, this one is just not something we can ignore.

This is when it matters the most to spread awareness. For those that don’t know, this is when you stop breathing while you sleep. The blockage in your airway makes this happen.

This lowers the amount of oxygen saturation of the blood. This can spell trouble in lots of ways. Your blood carries fresh oxygen to all of the different muscles of the body.

This will also limit your bodies ability to get rid of carbon dioxide. Over time things will just deteriorate. This is a reason annual check ups are super important.

Your doctor can catch these type of problems by running some simple blood test. This condition can also put a ton of stress on your heart.

Initially your heart will keep up but eventually it will start to weaken. Only after it weakens to a certain point will it be noticed.

Its definitely worth looking into that loud snore. It could save your life and keep you off medication.

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